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First Cav LRRPs
While attending the LRRP luncheon at
the 2008 1st Cav Association reunion in
Jacksonville, I was surprised with this
plaque.  It's an honor beyond description.
I have reserved a special page for some special folks.  I supported the 1st Cav LRRP
Company off and on for quite a while in '67.   I was involved when the company was
formed, and flew their first missions.  I have always felt a sort of "kinship" with those
remarkable guys.  Over the past few years, I have been reunited with some of them
through the internet, and subsequently at reunions.  A lot of memories emerged, and a
lot of emails were exchanged.  I had very few photos of my own depicting  LRRPS, but
have received some  from a few of the LRRPS, themselves.  Many thanks to Geoff
Koper and Bill Carpenter for most of the photos you see below:
To identify (some of) these guys, click in the photos for
a larger image.  I don't have the ID of some of them.
Honorary LRRP ---
What an honor!
(See the "Links to Reunions" page for photos from LRRP reunions)
(Second to None)
Nulli Secundus
RIP, Jim Ross
15 Jul 2015
To see Col James' tribute to
Jim, just click on Jim's photo.
RIP, Geoff Koper
19 May 2016
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